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Kunstner Es Gandrup  ︎ CVR 43630121 ︎ 2400 Copenhagen NV

Young-Girl Giggling, 2023

by Es Gandrup + Rosa Lie

Exhibited at Springbrættet 6a, Copenhagen (DK)

"When a Young-Girl giggles, she is working," Tiqqun wrote. With the exhibition, Young-girl Giggling, sexuality and gender are staged in a universe of performative selfies and projected femininity. Rosa Lie creates the film-verse and Es Gandrup unfolds an exhaustion and empowerment within, which has its roots in a shared vision and experience.

the Young-Girl is a product of capitalism and patriarchy
the Young-Girl has evolved into a survival strategy

We strive to illustrate the internalized mirror image of the outside world's gender stereotype gaze that categorizes us as 'girl'. The subconscious performativity and self-censorship that occurs when we are in front of the camera. It is in solidarity and confidence among the two of us, that we expose the distorted narratives and unwavering perceptions of us through the character of the Young-Girl. A character in constant motion, molded and exposed with insistance.

This project arose in connection with exhibition *21 at Springbrættet 6a, Copenhagen, 2023.