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Kunstner Es Gandrup  ︎ CVR 43630121 ︎ 2400 Copenhagen NV

. . . and they held my hands, kissed them, to show me just that . . . that they knew me as me, 2022

Exhibited at the Gerrit Rietveld Graduation Show, Amsterdam, 6 July -10 July, 2022

Exhibited as part of the group show, Platform for Usikker Fremtid, at LOKALE, Copenhagen, 29 July - 12 August, 2022

In conversations about friendship, solidarity, queerness, struggles, strategies and love, I gather material for a common thread. I let them surround me with their ideas, thoughts in penetrable textiles, a temporal togetherness. I collect their listening faces, serious faces, ecstatic faces. I patch and combine their words into one common line of thought, one channel to be heard. This is a love letter and an ode to people I admire most, for their honesty, clarity, perseverance and for putting their trust in me.

A combination of video portraiture, soundscapes, words expressed through a performative reading, rambling, and a softness implemented through the installation space.

Soundscape by Franscisco Garrida
Clothing by Carl-Johan Paulsen
Thanks to Hippolyte Godest

Reading, rambling, it’s happening:

Video by Mayis Rukel & Kleoniki Stanich for Public Rietveld, © Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Raw video stills: