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Kunstner Es Gandrup  ︎ CVR 43630121 ︎ 2400 Copenhagen NV

eternal bodies /rope performance, 2022

m4 Gastatelier, Amsterdam (NL)

At the m4 gastatelier, wanting to explore different embodiments of strangeness, ambiguity; wanting to find the sensation of walking in circles, making works reapeating, with no ending or beginning. When a photograph is projected, a tool often used when showing film, the images can almost seem like they’re not still images. When shown this way they can transform: knowing that they could start moving at any moment, they suddenly transcend their finality and are given another life and potential beyond that of the still image.

The work eternal bodies, is a recorded performance with a swinging motion, later projected in the actual space where the original performance took place. It exists in an in-between state. The swinging representing eternal sexuality. Documentation with has no beginning, nor end. The eternal aspect represented in the medium itself. Neither floating, nor flying. Unfolding in the space, but on the wall. Happening now, but recorded previously. A swinging structure, a performance and the documentation of it. 

Full Stop Continuum, 2022

group show at m4 Gastatelier, Amsterdam (NL)

During a week in springtime, Es, Håkan and Ji Eun stayed at the m4 gastatelier and worked together on a group show. The show titled Full Stop Continuum opened the 1st April for a few hours. It dealt with ideas of archeology, traces of who was here before us, and who would come here after us.